McCartney to meet PSNI over Derry car crime epidemic

Sinn Féin Vice Chair of the Assembly’s Justice Committee and Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney is to seek an urgent meeting with  senior PSNI in the city to discuss the serious problems being caused by car crime affecting a wide area covering Culmore to Galliagh.City centre walkabout

His appeal comes after an upsurge of car crime across the district over the last number of weekends.

Raymond McCartney said

I am seeking an urgent meeting with senior members of the PSNI in the city to discuss what currently can only be described as a car crime epidemic.

This activity isn’t confined to one location it covers a wide area from Culmore to Galliagh.

In two weekends alone seven cars were stolen. There have also been a high number of attempted car thefts, cars being broken into, cars being driven at high speed placing motorists, pedestrians and now even residents in their own homes in great danger.

My party colleagues Tony Hassan and Sandra Duffy have been working very closely with community representatives and the PSNI on issue but lately the car crime has reached a very high and dangerous level.It is creating a lot of fear and anger in local communities.

I will be impressing on the PSNI  the need to tackle this as a matter of urgency and put in place whatever steps and resources are needed before we have a fatality on our hands.