McCartney urges support for rally against US decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Sinn Féin Justice spokesperson Raymond McCartney MLA has condemned the US Government’s reckless decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to begin establishing a US Embassy there.

raymond mccartney

Israel’s claim that Jerusalem is the ‘complete and united’ capital of Israel is in violation of numerous international laws.

He also called on people to support a rally being held in Derry’s Guildhall Sq on Thursday 7th December at 7pm.
Raymond McCartney said:

“I want to add my voice to global condemnation of the reports that US President Donald Trump will today declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This is an extremely dangerous, reckless, and worrying move.

“The status of the city of Jerusalem is one of the most sensitive issues in the region as East Jerusalem is the future capital of the State of Palestine, but it is illegally occupied by Israel.

“This unilateral move by the US will have grave consequences for the Israel-Palestine peace process, which was already on life support because of Israel’s continued colonisation of Palestine, continued illegal Israeli colonial settlement building, and the apartheid regime that Israel is enforcing in Palestine.

“The international community is rightly united in its rejection of Israel’s jurisdiction and ownership of Jerusalem. No country currently has its Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem and plans to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a very dangerous and reckless step.

“I would urge people to show their support for the Palestinian people and join the rally on Thursday 7th December, 7pm in the Guildhall Square.”