McCartney welcomes court judgement in Hooded Men case

Sinn Féin MLA for Foyle Raymond McCartney, has welcomed a court judgement to reopen an investigation into the torture of 14 citizens in 1971, known as the ‘Hooded Men’.

He said:raymond-mccartney2

“Today’s crucial High Court decision is a welcome development in the Hooded Men’s long campaign for truth and justice.

“The 14 men had been tortured over seven days by British Army and the RUC Special Branch using brutal in-depth interrogation techniques.

“The decision of the PSNI to prematurely end the investigation into the torture and hideous physical and mental abuse of these men was unacceptable and completely wrong.

“We agree with the High Court in their decision that a new ‘decision process must begin’. This must happen immediately, followed by a fresh police investigation.

“The Hooded Men are some of many citizens still seeking truth and justice over 40 years after their ordeal. The British government and its agencies must release all information it holds about the torture, human rights abuses and state killings it carried out during the course of the conflict.”