McCartney welcomes judicial review decision

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has welcomed the decision to grant a judicial review to the Police Ombudsman to challenge the PSNI Chief Constable over withholding files on 60 killings.

Mr McCartney said;

“The families and loved ones of these victims are entitled to the truth and it is unacceptable that the Chief Constable is attempting to withhold information.

“The PSNI need to stop covering up for the actions of the RUC.

“I welcome the announcement of this judicial review but it should not have got to the stage where the Police Ombudsman had to take such action.

“The Ombudsman should be allowed to carry out his work unhindered to assist these families to get access to the truth.

“All of this underscores the need for all parties to sign up to the Haass proposals on dealing with the past.” Ends / Críoch DIGITAL CAMERA