McCauley calls for LGBT+ support for Civil Rights March

Sinn Féin Councillor Conchúr McCauley has called for a large turnout of the LGBT+ community for this Saturday’s Civil Rights March from Duke Street at 3pm.

Councillor McCauley said:

I am calling for a strong PRIDE display of ‘unity and determination’ in the fight to achieve full equality for LGBT+ citizens across this island. 

This Civil Rights march 50 years on from Duke Street 1968 is an opportunity for the LGBT+ community to highlight the fact that after half a century we are still treated as second class citizens.

That is not acceptable. Equality is a right it should not be in the gift of any political party to grant or withhold. A large contingent under the LGBT+ banner on Saturday will demonstrate our determination to win the fight for equality of opportunity under the law. 

That means equality for all our citizens, but particularly for our LGBT+ brothers and sisters. It’s a disgrace that the right to marriage equality is still denied by the DUP and facilitated by the British government. 

We still have a long way to go before reaching full equality with our brothers and sisters across these islands. It’s important to remember that Pride is first and foremost a protest but also a fantastic platform to raise awareness that 50 years on from the Civil Rights campaign this society has a long way to go to achieve equality across the board.. 

Sinn Féin will continue to work to end the denial of LGBT+ and other rights so we can have political institutions in the north with equality and rights at their core and which enjoy the confidence of the public.”