McGuinness family extend thanks for ‘Chieftain’s Walk’ success

The McGuinness family have extended their thanks to all those who helped make today’s ‘Chieftains Walk’ such an overwhelming success.

Fiachra McGuinness said:

“On behalf of our entire family I want to thank everyone who made today such a huge success.

“It was an incredible experience to see people turning out in their thousands to remember our father, to raise funds for the North West Cancer Centre and raise awareness of amyloidosis.

“The Chieftains Walk was a very emotional experience for us as a family but it was also inspiring to see thousands turning out as they did. It really was a fitting tribute and incredible to see.

“We want to thank the organising committee who did so much work to make it a success, the stewards, Derry Sinn Féin and all those hundreds of people who helped out in any way. With their individual and collective effort the Walk was the success that it was. And of course, the people of Derry and further afield who supported the event in such huge numbers.

“My father would be so proud and we are so grateful to you all.”