McGuinness tells Cameron ‘no consistency on state killings’

Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness told British Prime Minister David Cameron tonight that there was no consistency on the part of the British state on the issue of state killings.

The Joint First Minister was speaking on the phone with David Cameron earlier tonight.

“The PSNI is duty bound to fully and energetically pursue all and every investigation and I support and encourage them to do so,” said Martin McGuinness.

“But I know that some investigations are pursued more vigorously than others.Martin McGuinness outside the Dáil giving press statement.

“I told the British Prime Minister David Cameron that in a phone call earlier tonight.

“The families of the 11 innocent victims murdered in cold blood by the Parachute Regiment in Ballymurphy, the victims of Bloody Sunday and those killed in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings which the British government are still withholding information on to this day are testament to this reality.

“Only this week the British government told the Ballymurphy families there would be no review of those murders.

“No reinvestigation, no arrests, no compassion for their loss or grief and certainly no political consistency from the British state.

“British forces are protected and immune. That’s why the British government has not signed up to the Haass proposals.”