McGuinness welcomes progress on A5/A6 projects

Sinn Fein MLA Martin McGuinness has welcomed confirmation from Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy of progress on both the A5 and A6 road projects.

Mr. McGuinness was speaking after the Executive subgroup on regional opportunities heard that draft orders for the A5 will be published within weeks while the A6 was almost at a ‘shovel ready’ position.gerry and martin

He commented: “I am very pleased at the outcome of today’s meeting which again demonstrates the importance of the ministerial subgroup in terms of bringing a cross departmental focus to the north-west.

“This should be seen as a very clear signal that ministers on the group take very seriously the challenges we face in terms of the development of the north-west.

“Infrastructure links such as the A5 and A6 are vital and today’s confirmation from the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy is a welcome move which we need to build on in the time ahead.”