Meeting held over rat infestation in the Bogside -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has welcomed a commitment from statutory agencies to find a multi-agency approach to finding a solution to the rat infestation in areas of the Bogside.
Cllr Patricia Logue said:

“Today’s meeting of residents and statutory agencies has highlighted the seriousness of this much wider issue. It’s vital that we can identify the exact scale of the rat infestation throughout the area.
“I welcome the agreement from all of the statutory agencies to find a multi-agency solution to the problem – extra resources are needed to ascertain the source of this problem in order to bring it to and end.
“No family should be forced to live in these conditions, particularly those with young children.The Housing Executive have committed to working with people living in their properties to make arrangements to provide an immediate alleviation to their individual problems.
“I will continue to engage with all of the residents involved and the statutory agencies, including NI Water, Housing Executive, APEX, Pest Control and others to ensure there is an urgent solution to this major rat infestation. A follow up meeting will be held on Monday to assess progress on this matter.”