Meeting over St Anne’s works –Cooper

Councillor Cooper said “The school has been awarded end of year funding to carry out much needed repairs to their lower playground. As a result there will likely be some short term disruption in the area due to building materials being brought into the site . Therefore I have asked the project funders at WELB to meet residents to answer any queries they have before the work starts and to provide assurances that disruption will be kept to a minimum .

Councillor Mickey Cooper
Councillor Mickey Cooper


Residents are seeking reassurances that their streets would not be left with any residual debris as a result of the building materials being brought into the site. And also that any changes made to pathways during this process would be restored afterwards.
The meeting will take place with senior representatives from WELB on Monday 23rd March at 2pm. Those attending should go to the main entrance of the school in the first instance.


For any information on the meeting they should contact me on 028 7137 7551.