Mellon calls for clear guidance for childminders

Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has called on the Department of Education and Health to issue clear and consistent guidance for childminders during the current pandemic. 

She said 

“Childminders have been quick to respond to the call for their services to provide childcare for the children of key workers but the guidance issued to them has been inconsistent.

“For safety reasons, the number of households from which they can provide care for children has been restricted to two per home setting. But some childminders were instructed this was two a week while others were told it was two a day.

“However, the Department of Health has agreed that from Monday 8th June the family restriction would increase from 2 to 3 families on any given day. 

“They advised us that this would increase over the next few months depending on the transmission rate lowering.