Mellon calls for stricter legislation on gambling

Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has called for stricter legislation and regulation to protect young people and the most vulnerable in society from the scourge of gambling addiction. 

The Ballyarnett Councillor was commenting after new research exposed the negative impact that gambling has on children and young people.

Aileen Mellon said:

“Gambling legislation in the north is old and complex and has not kept up to speed with the rise in technology.

“Online gambling has become more accessible for children and young people who can now access gambling online without having to leave their homes.

“Loopholes that allow people under 18 to gamble for up to 72 hours without their age being verified are adding to the problem and must be addressed immediately.

“I am concerned at the use of persuasive advertising and promotion on gambling which is undoubtedly attracting more young people to take in betting and gambling.

“Sinn Féin are calling for stricter legislation and regulations on online gaming for everyone, not just those under 18, as gambling addiction and it’s damaging impacts has no age boundaries.”