Mellon concerned at reported British government plans to increase EU student fees

Sinn Féin Aileen Mellon  has expressed deep concern at reports that the British Government intends to remove home status fees for EU students to study in Britain from 2021.

The party’s  education spokesperson said:

“Reports that the British Government intends to remove home status fees and support for students from EU states is deeply concerning.

“The freedom for students to study and gain work experience across the EU is undoubtedly only a positive; the loss of that ability would be deeply damaging in terms of opportunities available to individuals but also to the local economy in respect of accessing top talent.

“In the context of Ireland this is particularly concerning as many students cross the border to study at colleges and universities.

“We have consistently argued that the outcome to the Brexit negotiations must reflect the unique circumstances of Ireland and that citizens in the north, who will remain EU citizens post-Brexit, must be able to access, exercise and enjoy their rights as EU citizens, which would include availing of home status fees for study across the EU.

“The EU27, and in particular the Irish Government must uphold their commitments on no diminution of rights for citizens in the north.”