Mellon condemns arson attacks

Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has condemned the latest arson attacks on two taxis in the Bracken Park area.
Councillor Mellon said;
“Attacks on anyone’s car or property is despicable under any circumstances but an added dimension to these arson attacks is that they were not only on property but the lively-hoods of the individuals affected.
“One of these taxis was also a disability access vehicle. I condemn these attacks on people who are providing a service to our community under very trying economic circumstances.
“To wilfully leave anyone without an income at anytime is deplorable but in the mouth of Christmas is an indication of the lack of consideration that these thugs and criminals have for anyone but themselves.
“I urge anyone who has any information on those responsible to come forward so these criminals can be brought before the courts to answer for their anti-community activities. These actions are an attack on our entire community and should not be tolerated.
“This area has a lot to offer to its residents and there should be no hiding place for those who are hell bent on destruction.”