Mellon disgusted at arson attack on home of young mother

Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has expressed disgust at the callousness of an arson attack on the home of a young mother and child.

Councillor Mellon said:

“I attended the scene in Galliagh park last night and spoke to a mother who luckily escaped injury with her child after thugs placed a sofa against her door and set it alight.

“The mother and her young child had to escape through a window and although uninjured has been left visibly shaken. This was a premeditated attack on a defenceless woman and follows her wheelie bins being set on fire a few weeks previously.

“She said she is afraid to confront young people when hanging around her home and is living in fear.

“I will be in contact with the Housing Executive today and have contacted Teamworks to have home safety checks carried out as soon as possible.

“I have also been contacted by other neighbours who also voiced frustration after challenging this gang to leave the properties alone but getting nowhere. I would urge anyone with any information to come forward in order that we can have this problem resolved before we are dealing with a tragedy. “