Mellon encourages youth leaders to participate in Youth 19 Programme

Sinn Féin Councillor, Aileen Mellon has called on youth leaders across the District to participate and get the young people of our City involved in the roll-out of Youth 19 Programme.

Councillor Mellon said:

As someone who has spent virtually my whole working life in the youth sector I believe that Youth 19 will provide an abundance of opportunities of development for our young people.


The programme designed in cooperation with students from UU Magee will include festivals and events, to develop a range of abilities including creative and leadership skills,funding deliberation and allocation decision making as well as outdoor activities. It will allow young people to be the voice and decision makers for their peers.


I encourage all adults working with young people to participate in the Youth 19 information sessions which will take place during the month of December. There are two sessions in the City – Monday 3rd December at 10 am in the Coach Education Room of the Foyle Arena and the second in Hollywell Trust Bishop Street on Monday 6th at 3.30 pm.

“ I can assure you it will be a worthwhile investment of your time and I have no doubt will be of great assistance as you go forward delivering positive projects for our youth.” CRÍOCH/END