Mission Statement – Foyle 2015

I believe that the MP for Foyle should be a champion for this city.

My vision for the Foyle Constituency and the greater North West is of an inclusive community working collectively to enhance the prosperity of this area. This requires an approach based on tolerance and acceptance and a genuinely shared ownership of the city.

Sustainable social and economic development requires good roads, a good rail system and a thriving airport.

This city has elected representation and influence at every level of decision making on this island and beyond. And I believe that the role of the MP should be to bring together all of the political power in the city and harness it into a genuine unity of purpose and action by all who wish to see a better future for everyone who resides here.

I have represented this city on Derry City Council, on the Education and Library board, on the Port and Harbour Board, on the Arts Council and as Student President at Magee during the merger which created The University of Ulster.

I have been keenly involved with the young people of this city for many years both as a member of the Youth Committee of WELB and as a founding member of the Off The Streets Initiative and I see the creation of employment opportunities and hope for young people of this city as an immediate priority.
As Mayor of the city in 2004/05 I chaired a number of influential Committees and initiated the Day of Remembrance for victims of all conflicts from this Region – an event that has been continued by most subsequent Mayors.

I will bring the same inclusive unity of purpose, vision and determination to serving the people of Derry as their MP.