Moss Park residents sickened by another night of vandalism –Cllr Sandra Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has said residents in Moss Park are sickened by another night of vandalism in the area.

Street lights were smashed , lights on the main Glengalliagh Road damaged and fires started on a number of green areas.

Councillor Sandra Duffy said “I have spoken to a number of residents today and they are sickened by what took place there on Saturday night.

It was just wanton vandalism. It ridiculous that when community organisations and all the various agencies are trying to improve and enhance the area that a very small minority are intent on trying to wreck it. They must not succeed.

We can only wonder at the motivations of the those individuals  who carried this out, but whatever they hoped to achieve with these actions all they have done is strengthen our resolve to continue our work on behalf of the local community. ”