Moves to address Nixons Corner traffic issues continues –Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has said that additional road safety measures are to be introduced in the Nixons Corner area following concerns recently installed traffic calming measures needed to be enhanced.

Councillor Logue said “New traffic calming measures were installed on the Brae head Road at Nixon’s Corner after a very long campaign. Residents had been concerned about the speed and volume of traffic travelling along this road on a daily and nightly basis.

“Since the installation of the new ramps residents have concerns that traffic and the likes of HGV vehicles were still travelling too fast through the area.

“I am pleased that Road Service has confirmed that they have agreed to provide a further two speed cushions at the country side of the new development there. And it’s expected that this work is to be carried out within the next six to eight weeks.

“Residents have asked me to put in a request   to see if these speed cushions could go across the entire width  of the road.

“Road Service  have also said that they will put in a temporary speed counter down which will help them determine if there is a speeding issue.

“I will continue to engage with local residents, CRJ and Roads Service in the times ahead to ensure we get this right and thank everyone for their cooperation.