Moves to tackle fly tipping in the Rosemount and Glenview areas of the city

Sinn Féin representatives Mickey Cooper and Hayleigh Fleming  have welcomed moves by the Council to tackle the scourge of Fly Tipping in the Rosemount and Glenview areas of the city.

They said “As representatives for the area we have been able to service requests for the removal of rubbish from the mews lanes  by the Council despite the fact that private mews lanes are not under councils remit.

“We are aware that much of the fly tipping of furniture has been done by landlords who are refurbishing houses before new tenants move in. And aware that much of the household rubbish is due to many rental properties not having adequate numbers of bins or bins not being emptied by the Council as they contain the wrong items.

“After much lobbying by Sinn Féin the Council has now agreed to visit the Rosemount/Glenview area in the New Year to provide residents with detailed information about the recycling of household waste. During the visits staff will also conduct an audit of properties which do not have the adequate numbers of bins and contact the landlords of these properties to remind them of their responsibility to resolve this. They will also be seeking to identify the landlords of properties which have been identified as the source of regular fly-tipping and dumping and take appropriate action.

“We hope this proactive approach will reduce the incidents of dumping and improve the general appearance of the area. If any residents have further queries please feel free to contact us at any time.