“Muck bomb” attacks on cars not harmless fun-Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has appealed for “muck bomb” attacks on cars in the vicinity of the shops on Central Drive Creggan to stop.B-7XLIoWkAA2Lqp

He was speaking after a spate of attacks in the area over recent nights.


Councillor Kevin Campbell said


“This isn’t a bit if harmless fun. The young people who are engaging in this type of behaviour are causing alarm and damage to their own communities and they need to stop what they are doing.


“If a car was to be damaged by one of these “muck bomb” attacks an accident could occur that could lead to injury or worse for anyone getting caught up in these incidents.”


It is also causing problems for the people trying to use the local shops .They are apprehensive going through the area when this is taking place.


“This is not acceptable and I appeal to parents to watch what their children are doing and play their part in stopping their children getting caught up in anti-community activity.”