Mullan condemns Marlborough /Oakfield car thefts

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA  Karen Mullan has called on local residents to be vigilant after a number of car thefts and attempted break ins ,  in  the Marlborough and Oakfield areas of the city.
Karen Mullan said:19420689_1481744315202119_2558256730074034732_n
“I am aware of a number of incidents of car crime and attempted burglaries in the Oakfield and Marlborough areas in recent weeks and would appeal to residents to be extra vigilant following more incidents this week.
“I have been contacted by a number of local residents and community workers who are concerned at the problem.
“I have also met with local Neighbourhood Watch representatives in the area who appealed for vigilance.
“I would advise residents to ensure that their doors and windows are closed and locked at night and when people are out during the day. I would also advise people to ensure they are not leaving valuables in cars, as this seems to be a key target for thieves.
“There is no place for this type of behaviour in our society and I would call on anyone with information on these incidents to bring it forward to the PSNI.”