Mullan encourages parents to take part in Parenting Week

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan  has stressed the importance of positive parent-child relationships and encouraged parents to take part in Parenting Week. 

She was speaking after attending an event organised by local charity ParentingNI.

Karen Mullan  said:

“Parenting week not only celebrates the difficult but amazing job that parents do, but it allows us to reflect on issues faced by parents.

“I would encourage parents to engage in Parenting Week and to celebrate how powerful their relationship is in helping to raise happy and healthy children.

“Children’s relationship with their parents shape how they see the world and parents should never underestimate how a close, loving relationship with their child can support their wellbeing.

“ParentingNI provide resources and support which can help parents learn about the importance of relationships in the home as well as giving wonderful advice on how to improve them. To access these resources online click on”