Mullan seeks update on Meenan Square complex

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan is to meet officials at the Executive Office on Wednesday to discuss future plans for the Meenan Square complex beside the Lecky Road Flyover. And get an update on the plans around the whole Urban Villages Programme.image01-copy

The Foyle MLA

“Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Executive Office to see what can be done to turn this site around and put it back to good use. I will also be getting an update on the plans for the Urban Villages initiative across the Bogside, Brandywell, Bishop Street and Fountain areas.

This time last year Martin McGuinness and Arlene Foster visited the Gasyard following the area being designated as an Urban Village by the Executive Office.

The measure of the success of this initiative will be the regeneration of Meenan Park.

It was once the vibrant heartbeat of the Bogside with many local businesses and services. We all know about the demise of the shops complex there over recent years. The buildings are in a sorry looking state and has been a magnet for all sorts of anti-community activity.

It is vitally important that this complex is brought into public or community ownership for the greater good of the community and the residents that live close by.