Mullan welcomes launch of new deaf employment equality campaign

Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan has welcomed the launch of a new campaign to promote equality for deaf people in employment.

Speaking at the event in the Long Gallery today, the Foyle MLA said:

“I welcome today’s launch of the ‘Deaf Works Everywhere’ campaign and the efforts being made to advance equality for our deaf citizens.

“It’s a gross inequality that deaf people are twice as likely to be unemployed as people who can hear.

“The deaf community has faced significant disadvantage and barriers, driven by poor social policy and a lack of resources. 

“This new strategy has been designed by deaf children and young people meaning it will be rooted in the very real and lived experiences of those whose lives it will seek to improve. 

“The world of work and the type of jobs people are doing are changing all of the time. This requires forward thinking and a recognition of the limitations, inequalities and barriers many people face, but also the need for solutions.

“I wish the campaign every success and will help in whatever way that I can to promote inequality for our deaf community.” Críoch/Ends