Mullan welcomes progress on availability of Flash Glucose Sensing

Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan has welcomed a response she has received from the Health and Social Care Board concerning the availability of Flash Glucose Sensing system to diabetes patients here.

Karen Mullan said:

“I wrote to the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) after approaches by a number of constituents regarding the availability of the Flash Glucose Sensing system for Diabetes patients here. The device allows patients to gauge their blood sugar level by a scanning sensor worn on a person’s arm that monitors their blood Glucose levels rather than by the traditional method of finger-prick blood glucose testing.

“I am pleased to report that in its reply the Board has assured me that the flash glucose monitoring system has now been made available in the North of Ireland since November 1st.

“The Board said that in order to ensure it is prescribed appropriately, the HSCB has been working collaboratively with Trust diabetes clinical staff, primary care colleagues and Diabetes UK NI, to develop a regional pathway for its availability. This regional pathway will be for use by secondary care diabetes teams, to assess if patients are suitable for a trial period of the flash glucose monitoring system.

“The pathway will set out criteria, to support diabetes specialists to make an informed clinical decision about a patient’s eligibility to trial the flash glucose monitoring system. HSCB has been advised that this pathway should be finalised in the next few weeks and, once agreed by the Regional Diabetes Network, will be circulated to Trusts for implementation.

“I have no doubt that this will be a welcome advancement in the monitoring of Blood Sugar levels for all those presently needing to regularly go through the process of finger-prick blood glucose testing, I will also be contacting the Western Trust to confirm that this will be rolled out in the north west.”