Mullan welcomes progress on flash glucose sensing for diabetics in the north west

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan has welcomed news that a number of diabetics in the north west have received the go-ahead for participation in a FlashGlucose Sensing System protocol trial.
Karen Mullan said:
“I was delighted to be informed that the Western Trust area was to start the trials. I had met with constituents and following on from my correspondence with the Dept of Health and the Health and Social Care Board, whom have confirmed a large group of diabetics have now begun a protocol trial period.
“The protocol trial started this week and will provide the participants with a GP letter providing them with sensor readers for a period of three months. The activity will be monitored and provided they are used properly and follow protocol rules, if found to be beneficial, patients will keep sensor RX for 12 months.
“Use will then be reviewed yearly to ensure protocol rules are being maintained.
“The Flash Glucose Sensing system allows diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels without resorting to the traditional method of finger-prick blood monitoring. This is brilliant news for those who will now have access to this modern process of monitoring sugar levels and I look forward to it becoming the norm in future.”