Mullan welcomes report from Commissioner for Children and Young People

Karen Mullan MLA, Sinn Féin Education spokesperson, has welcomed the report from the Commissioner for Children and Young People into the cost of education for families.

Ms Mullan said:dcws6dwxgaeofpt

“It is unacceptable that families are having to contribute an average of £1,200 to school their children.

“Previous Sinn Féin Education Ministers have supported families by widening the scope for those entitled to free school meals and ensured that those families with children at primary schools were able to access uniform grants.

“Sinn Féin have challenged both the Education Authority and the Department on the areas outlined in the report, including;

■ School meals

■ Transport

■ School uniforms

■ School fees

■ Voluntary contributions

■ Equipment for lessons

“There is no doubt more needs to be done and we are up for the challenge but no one should be in any doubt that the Tory austerity agenda, now supported by the DUP, lies at the root cause of cuts to the education service.”