Mullan welcomes the removal of unsightly graffiti in Moor area

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan has welcomed the start of work by the Housing Executive to remove unsightly graffiti  from people’s homes and walkways in the Bogside , Brandywell and Bligh’s Lane areas of the city.

The Foyle MLA said “I am pleased that the Housing Executive have started the process of the removal of this graffiti .

“Over recent months I have been lobbying the Housing Executive to try and come up with a solution around the removal of unsightly graffiti on the gable walls of people’s homes and communal walkways.  

“It’s a nightmare for residents who have invested a lot of money in keeping their homes and gardens in good condition only to wake up in the morning to find someone has painted or sprayed canned graffiti all over the side of their home. 

“The Housing Executive is working very hard with the External Cycle Maintenance scheme (ECM) to improve the facades of homes across the Moor district and I commend them for this. But this graffiti is just a blot over all that good work. It makes homes and entire streets look shabby and unkept when the opposite is the case.