National tragedy should not be used for comedy –Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has said An Gorta Mór should not be used as a vehicle for comedy.

Speaking after it was announced that Channel 4 have commissioned a comedy series based on the Irish Famine, the Creggan councillor said;

“An Gorta Mór was one of the greatest tragedies experienced in Ireland and its impact can be felt to the present day.

“This decision to commission a so-called comedy series based around the famine has sparked anger in Ireland and among Irish communities across the world. I have spoken to many people in our city since this was announced and they are in total disbelief that anyone would contemplate going ahead with this project.

“It has generated severe criticism on social media and petitions have been launched calling on the authorities at Channel 4 to reconsider.

“More than one million people died during the period of the famine and many more were forced to leave Ireland in one of the largest mass emigration movements ever seen.

“Such a national tragedy is hardly an appropriate vehicle for comedy, regardless of where or when it happened.”