Need for more social housing in Creggan area

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called for a specific focus to be put on the building of new houses in the greater Creggan area.

He was making his comment following figures from the Housing Executive show that in Waterloo Place area there are currently over 1200 people on the housing application list with just 178 allocations in 2016 -2017 and requests for transfers sitting at 363 with just 72 allocations.

Councillor Campbell said “We have seen in recent years the building of the  Ballymagown and Magowan Park .Which gave many families on the waiting list for this area a new modern home.

But I was shocked to read recently that there are still over 1200 people on the housing list for Waterloo Place district which includes this area with over 360 on the transfer list.

I believe it’s of paramount importance that the Housing Executive and Housing Associations continue to look for all available lands on the boundaries of Creggan that could possibly be used for new housing projects.

In those projects I believe that there should be a good mix of different types of housing provision with the building of bungalows.

In many instances there are older members of the Creggan community who are living in three and four bedroom houses, they want to move into bungalows but can’t do so because the accommodation is simply not there. These houses could be freed up for young families on the waiting lists.