Needle In Cornshell

Shantallow Sinn Féin Councillor Caoimhe McKnight has condemned those who dumped drug paraphernalia in an area of Cornshell Fields where young children live and play.

Councillor McKnight said:

“A concerned resident came to the Sinn Féin office this morning with a discarded syringe which he found close to homes in the Cornshell Field area.

“This was a very concerning experience for this resident who has teenage children of their own. When I spoke to them it was obvious that they were very annoyed to find that someone using drugs had such disregard for children that they would just discard a used syringe in close proximity to houses where children live and play.

“I would appeal to residents to be vigilant and if they notice anything suspicious that may signify drugs activity to report those responsible to to the relevant authourities. Childrens safety must be paramount”.