New film 66 days on Bobby Sands to get Derry showing at Féile

The Film 66 days on Bobby Sands  is be shown shown as part of  Gasyard Féile on the 4th Aug tickets on 02871 262812Gasyard_66days

It will be introduced by Raymond McCartney who himself spent 53 days on hungerstrike

Raymond McCartney said “There have been many different angles you can take when addressing the story of the hunger strike but I think the way in which the facts leave people  feeling tends to be universal.

There have been many films and documentaries made in the past and I think people can see how utterly unjustified and wrong it was for the British government to criminialise republican prisoners .

I think prisoners in Armagh and Long Kesh were epitomised by the 10 men who gave their lives and I think anyone seeing this for the first time will agree that republicans were first and foremost political prison