New gas central heating systems to over 140 homes postponed –Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called on the Housing Executive in Derry to clarify if a scheme to install new gas central heating systems in over 140 homes is to go ahead.

He was speaking after concerns were raised that the scheme which was to benefit homes across a wide area including the Bogside, Creggan, Rosemount and the Fountain is being postponed until March 2016.

Councillor Kevin Campbell said “I am calling on the Housing Executive to clarify if this scheme is still to go ahead in March 2016 with some residents fearing the timeframe could be longer and some concerned it may never happen.

Last week I raised concerns that the scheme could be delayed and now today I have learned that is indeed the case. Preparations have been ongoing for the installation of new systems and some families have been letting their oil supplies run down in anticipation of the new gas system and now they are  fearful they could be left in limbo.

We are heading into the winter months and people were looking forward to getting new central heating systems into their homes providing a cleaner and more efficient source of heating and hoping for much cheaper fuel bills.

Residents are now worried that they may once again be facing another harsh winter with heating systems which are no longer fit for purpose.

We all know the impact that fuel poverty has had on many homes across the city and this is the last thing we need to hear.