In a  new year statement from Sinn Féin Housing spokesperson Councillor Tony Hassan has welcomed the completion  of the new road system at the Skeogelands that will allow more  development of social homes in the area.

Cllr Hassan said.

tony hassan

 The new road is called the Spine Road and will stretch through the present Apex development to the second roundabout at Skeoge. It will also access onto Lower Galliagh Road to allow residents in the Woodbrook areas to access the Skeoge Road.The completion of the Spine will now allow the building of over 650 social homes this year ,much needed homes for the 3,500  families who are homeless and in housing stress in the city.

This development will see a lot of open space, play parks, some community  facilities,  a school,  and retail outlets. The number of people waiting for a home in the city has increased dramatically over the past few years and these new homes  will go some way to alleviating that problem. In 2018 Sinn Féin will continue to lobby at every opportunity to ensure that the need for new social housing schemes is kept firmly on the agenda in the Council area.