“New tendering process for Factory Girls sculpture welcome” – McKnight

“I am delighted that my proposal to have a new process of tendering for a new sculpture recognising the contribution by all those girls and women who worked in the various factories in this City was unanimously accepted.

“Unfortunately following a number of set-backs the original process had to be abandoned due to cost over runs.

“This city was built on the backs of the shirt factory workers and their contribution to every aspect of life here should be celebrated and recognised.

“Lessons have been learned from the previous process and the issues that arose should not reoccur in the renewed tendering process.

“Planning permission is already in place for Harbour Square – a prominent location which will be accessible to all residents and visitors alike and will educate those unaware of the crucial economic and social contribution made to our society by the ‘Factory Girls’.

“The project will be time bound and regular updates brought back to Council. We are totally committed to ensure that this project is completed in the time frame envisioned and within budget. The ‘Factory Girls’ deserve no less.”