New Tory assault on welfare as Westminster votes on tax credit reduction – McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney  has said that cuts to tax credits voted through in Westminster last night  is the start of a fresh Tory assault on the living standards of low-paid workers.

MLA Raymond McCartney
MLA Raymond McCartney

Raymond McCartney  said:

“Tax credits are one of the benefits that the Executive does not control. The decision taken  by the Tory party to impose cuts to this benefit will hit thousands of local workers.I know that many families in Derry rely on tax credits and they will be very worried about  the implications of this.

“The Tory party has no mandate in Ireland receiving just over 9,000 votes.

“This is another ideologically driven attack against the social protections of the welfare state.

“The result of these latest cuts to tax credits will be to force many more children into poverty.”