“Night racers” cause 3am nightmare for Willam Street residents

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has said that residents in the William Street  and Brewster’s Close area have been in contact him with about another spate of late night noise caused by  so called “boy/girl racers” in William Street car park.

colly kelly

It lasted until 3am on Saturday morning.

Councillor Kelly said “I was contacted by residents living in William Street and Brewster’s Close at the weekend to  tell me that their nightmare continues with boy /girl racers using the William Street car park late at night.

“They are at their wits’ end, with this latest episode  lasting until 3am on Saturday morning.

“People have been finding it hard to get to sleep this week with the extreme heat and he last thing anyone needs is someone going mad in a car outside their home.

“Residents had concerns that there was growing problems with groups being displaced from other areas of the city and who are now congregating there.

“Over the weekend I have been in contact with the City Centre Initiative (CCI) and the PSNI.

“The PSNI have told me that they will be putting more community police on the ground to try deal with any ongoing problems in the area.

Concluding he said

“It’s important that we find a lasting resolution to this issue. This is a busy car park during the day and at night time is used by many people going into the city centre so there has be a balancing  act to what can be done with access to the car park.