No money to repair Derry pot holes –Hassan

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has said urgent action needs to be taken to repair pot holes across the greater Shantallow area.

His call comes after he was told there is no money currently to fix pot holes in the locality.???????????????????????????????

Councillor Hassan said “It’s a very worrying situation to be told that there is no money to fix pot holes in the greater Shantallow area.

As we will be moving shortly into the winter months I have a real concern about the implications of all this.

Pot holes can cause motorists to swerve or change direction in order to avoid doing damage to their car. This means potentially endangering other motorists and pedestrians. 

Furthermore pot holes can mean costly repairs for car owners in a financial climate that they can ill afford.

The Minister  needs to resolve this as a matter of urgency and find the resources to carry out these repairs.