North South cooperation vital for Buncrana Road upgrade’ – Duffy

Enhanced north-south cooperation is vital to ensuring a timely and fit-for-purpose upgrade of the Buncrana Road, local Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has said.

Cllr Duffy was commenting following a meeting of the North West regional development group.

She said: “The A2 Buncrana road is a key strategic route for our city and district and it needs to be seen in a Derry/Donegal context. We simply can’t have four lanes of traffic that suddenly end before Bridgend as this would cause a whole new set of traffic chaos and problems for motorists.

‘We need to think about our connectivity and how our government departments engage with each other. This is a regional project and, as such, the two departments on each side of the border need to be working collaboratively on this.

“There are still a number of issues with the proposed A2 Buncrana Road, including concerns from retailers along the route. This project is too important to be pursued in a piecemeal way. We have one opportunity to get this right, so as a cross border council grouping we have asked for engagement with both sets of engineers in order to help create a true partnership to deliver this key infrastructure project in a timely manner to assist us in the North West City region.”