Northern passport office campaign

Sinn Féin Seanadóir Niall Ó Donnghaile  said 


“Colly has been heading up the campaign locally for some time now and we are really pleased at the feedback we have got from members of the public here today


It’s very clear that there is a need for a passport office in the north. We have spoken to people from the city, people in shopping from Donegal and Tyrone and all have said there is a need for a local Irish passport office. And how handy it would be.


Whilst the staff at the passport office in Dublin do a great job, it’s the time, distance and the lack of face to face engagement that is missing when people want to deal with passport issues. All elected representatives at this time of year will know not a week goes by without someone phoning in a panic that their passport hasn’t turned up and in most occasions they would have to travel down to Dublin to get it resolved.


That’s why the #6CoPassports campaign is vital in pushing the lobby forward to make this getting an office in the north a reality. Irish citizens deserve access to Irish services and now is the time for the Irish government to deliver these fundamental rights.

 I would encourgage everyone to go online and sign the petition at