Number of attempted break-ins at Ballymagowan – Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has warned residents in Creggan to be on the alert following a number of attempted break-ins in the Ballymagowan development.cityside-candidates-for-2014-kevin-patricia-colly-and-liam-c-mc-menamin-pics-239-438x450-copy

Councillor Kelly said “I am aware of at least three attempted break-ins in the Ballymagowan development over the past two weeks.

Residents I have spoken to are worried that their home could be next to be targeted by these criminals.

It’s important to keep doors locked as creeper burglars only need a few moments to get into a house and take whatever they can get their hands on.

I would urge anyone who sees anything suspicious in the area to alert their neighbours and the police.