Ó hEára calls on minister to lift MaSN cap at Magee

Sinn Féin’s Gearóid Ó hEára has called on Employment and Learning minister Stephen Farry to lift the cap on the number of students at Magee. 10943651_349116878605532_19972503230405095_n

Mr Ó hEára said;

“Everyone is in agreement on the need to expand Magee and increasing the number of students is key to that.

“Lifting the Maximum Student Numbers (MaSN) cap is essential to ensuring the growth of Magee. This is something, which could be easily done, and it is within the power of the employment and learning minister to do so.

“This would be a clear indication of the minister’s commitment to the expansion of Magee.

“I welcome the fact Stephen Farry has said he intends to bid for additional funds to expand Magee in the next Comprehensive Spending Review but this now needs to be followed up with action by lifting the MaSN cap.

“Not only would this be a concrete step towards the full expansion of Magee, it would also help generate revenue to pay for that expansion through additional students.

“This is within the power of the minister and if he is serious about the expansion of Magee then he needs to show it by lifting the MaSN cap immediately.”