Ó hEára urges voters to reject austerity

The Sinn Féin Westminster Candidate Gearóid Ó hEára has urged voters to send a message to any incoming British government that their austerity cuts agenda is unacceptable.

Mr Ó hEára said:

“The Westminster election on May 7th presents a challenge for the voters in Foyle to send a strong anti-austerity message to the British government.

“The austerity agenda of the Tory led government in London has been a disaster for the North of Ireland.

“It has given us only high unemployment, emigration, poverty, underdevelopment and a fragile economic environment.

“Only last week the Tories pledged further eye-watering cuts to public services and to welfare protections.

“You have the opportunity to send a strong message that there is a better, fairer way to deliver equality and a fair economic recovery through the progressive politics espoused by Sinn Féin.

“Sinn Féin is demanding the transfer of full fiscal powers away from London to the Executive. This is the best way to ensure we have the capability of creating an economy to meet the specific needs of our people.

“With your support Sinn Féin will deliver on the vision of a strong all-island economy.

“Health, education, the environment, inward investment, transport, tourism, energy, agriculture and business development would all benefit from an all island approach.

“Our policies are about putting people first.

“We are committed to defending the core public services of health, education and the welfare system.

“The Sinn Féin vision of equality and national reconciliation challenges the narrow sectarian and conservative agenda the unionist parties are peddling in this election.

“We will continue to provide a strong voice for the vulnerable, challenge sectarianism, racism and homophobia.”