Oil thieves target 5 Creggan homes –Cllr Kevin Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell  has warned householders in Creggan to be on the alert for oil thieves .He made his appeal after five homes along  Creggan Heights were targeted in the last 24 hours.colly and kevin

Councillor Kevin Campbell  said

“It’s not uncommon nowadays to hear of heating oil being stolen from homes, but I think it’s unusual for so many to be targeted in one night.Five homes were targeted in Creggan Heights.

Having oil stolen is causing severe hardship to many families who cannot afford to refill their tanks.

This type of crime takes time and special equipment such as a tanker or large tank in the back of a van and siphoning equipment.

I would call on people to be observant. If you see suspicious activity in the laneways around a neighbour’s house, particularly if there is no one at home, to call the police.”