O’Neill slams British and DUP arrogance

Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill has slammed the British Prime Minister and the DUP for their rejection of the EU Brexit proposals.

“Any objective analysis will demonstrate that leaving the Customs Union is incompatible with avoiding a border in Ireland,” she said.

“Sinn Féin recognise this, the people of Ireland recognise this and the EU clearly recognise this as they have now presented practical solutions as to how a new frontier can be avoided.

“They have done so in the absence of any workable British Government proposals. All we have had from Theresa May is empty platitudes about not wanting a border and, frankly, that isn’t good enough.

“But the outright rejection of the EU proposals by both the British Government and the DUP is an appalling display of arrogance.

“The Tories and DUP have no right to hold 27 EU nations to ransom. They have no right to play fast and loose with an internationally-binding treaty such as the Good FridayAgreement.

“It is also completely erroneous for Thesesa May to claim no British Prime Minister could agree to a proposal which she claims undermines her country’s ‘constitutional integrity’, when she herself agreed to it in December before her infamous phone call from Arlene Foster.

“The fact is that the British Government is continuing to pander to the most right-wing elements in her own party and the DUP.

“The other EU nations, and particularly the Dublin Government need to continue to stand firm in the face of that agenda and make it clear that we will not allow our future to be sacrificied on the altar of Tory-DUP arrogance and extremism.”