Online survey to map out rodent problem in Bogside and Brandywell -Mullan

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan has urged residents in the Bogside and Brandywell who have been affected by a rodent problem in the area to take part in a short online survey organised by the Triax – Neighbourhood Management Team.

Karen Mullan said “Councillor Patricia Logue and I have been working very closely with all the statutory agencies and community organisations over the past few years to try and ensure we get to the bottom of the rodent problem .

“It is not an easy problem to solve and we know the impact the rodent issue is having on local families and businesses. Many residents’ lives have been affected by this over the years, there have been numerous meetings with the various statutory bodies to resolve this problem, but it just keeps coming back.

“This is an incredibly frustrating problem for these families who keep their houses in such good condition but feel as if this is meaningless when there are rodents running about their backyards, laneways, in attics and even going through people’s houses.

“As part of the process in dealing with the issue the Triax – Neighbourhood Management Team are now undertaking an online survey to try and map out a targeted approach in dealing with this. I would urge residents to go onto the Triax Facebook page and fill out this survey; it will only take a couple of minutes to carry out.