Onus on political leaders to create a free, equal and just society – O’Neill

Sinn Féin leader in the north Michelle O’Neill  MLA has said there is an onus on all political leaders to create a free, equal and just society.

Speaking at a commemoration in Cappagh to remember eight republicans shot dead by the British army in Loughgall, Michelle O’Neill said: c3rymkpwcaasoae-jpg-small

“Victims and survivors of the conflict, who seek justice and truth, must be given our strongest possible support and assistance.

“While much of our history has been marked by sadness and tragedy, we now have a unique opportunity to be the authors of a new, peaceful, and democratic future.

“This does not mean we forget our past. Everyone has a legitimate right to remember their dead, tell their side of the story and share their experiences, and hurt, of that time, without being demonised.

“I challenge our opponents to stop fighting a war which is now over.

“There is an onus on all of us to move forward to create a free, just and equal society – together.

“When the Westminster election campaign was announced I took the initiative to invite other party leaders to explore the possibilities of a progressive pact to maximise the anti-Brexit, anti Tory vote and pro rights and pro equality vote.

“I am disappointed that parties which are opposed to Brexit and which are pro equality have not been able to agree a progressive alliance to contest the Westminster election.

“Sinn Féin remains committed to the maximising the anti-Brexit vote in this election.

“We will stand against Brexit, stand against a hard border and against Tory cuts. We will stand up for equality, for rights and for Irish unity.”