Overnight disturbances in the Bogside –Cllr Patricia Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said

“I would like to state very clearly that those involved in these incidents are unrepresentative of the local community. Those behind the wrecking and burning have only succeeded in terrorising the Bogside community by inflicting inconveniences upon them and the wider Derry public.Patricia Logue new pic 22

When it is all over what we have is the local community being left to pick up the pieces. A mountain of work has gone on at night time on the ground in the area by community workers to help reduce tensions and make interventions to prevent many incidents from happening.

But they can only do so much and their job is made more difficult by the fact that many of those involved are not from the locality.

There is a clear issue of parental responsibility when we have children from the young ages of eight and nine up to fifteen years of age involved in this nonsense.

Parents really need to be asking where their children are at night and finding out if they involved in this violence. Key to this is early intervention to stop these attacks from happening and stop young people ending up before the courts and the implications that will have for their futures.

Speaking after a delivery van belonging to local businesses was set on fire and an attack on Verbal Arts centre .

This is another scandalous attack on a local business which provides much needed jobs for people not only in the Bogside but across the city. They are one of the very few employers in the locality and are part and parcel of the local community .Over the years they have been very supportive of countless community events.

An attempt was also made to set a residents car on fire and there is also total disbelief that anyone would even contemplate attacking the Verbal Arts Centre.

We cannot allow these sorts of senseless actions to occur in this day and age nor be used to heighten tensions in and around the greater Bishop Street area.