Paisley should resign immediately – McCallion

Sinn Féin Foyle MP Elisha McCallion said the DUP must demand the resignation of North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jnr after a damning report found he had failed to declare two family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan government and then wrote to the British Prime Minister in 2014 to lobby against supporting a UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

Elisha McCallion said:

“This is an issue of integrity in government and in public office.

“Sinn Féin stood last year in an election on a platform of equality, rights and integrity in government.

“This followed a number of scandals involving the DUP in government, including RHI, Nama, and Red Sky, which had damaged public confidence in the DUP’s behaviour in the political institutions.

“Since then there have been further allegations linked to the DUP’s Dark Money.

“Therefore there is an onus on the DUP to act decisively when wrongdoing has been exposed as is the case with Ian Paisley Junior. There should be zero tolerance of abuse of public office for personal benefit.

“Ian Paisley Jnr should step down and resign with immediate effect. If he is not prepared to do the right thing then the DUP must demand his resignation.

“If Ian Paisley or the DUP do not do the right thing then it is entirely legitimate for the electorate of North Antrim to exercise its right to force a by election.”